Infographic: Teen Driving Dangers


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This infographic about the dangers of teen driving comes to us from the folks at Lyslaw.

I really like the top half of this infographic. It shows the top ten driving distractions as if the viewer is sitting in the front seat of a car. I think this is a really creative way to do this on an infographic; it grabs the reader’s attention and keeps things interesting.

I give this an overall grade of C+. The bottom half of this could use a lot more data visualization, because as it is there is mainly text describing all of the data. For example, the statistic that 56 percent of drivers make or answer phone calls while driving could have a picture of someone talking into a phone to represent this statistic more visually, even without actual data viz. All of the other statistics on that list could do something along the same lines. I do like the 12.6 little silhouettes that are shaded in to show that teens are responsible for 12.6 percent of fatal crashes.

The top illustration is really nice, with lines leading from items and areas of the car to point out the top ten driving distractions. It is clear from what the lines are pointing to what the major distractions both in and outside the car are. I have just a couple minor suggestions for this area of the infographic. There are some distractions on the list that don’t have anything to represent them in the illustration; I would suggest adding something like a question mark next to the unknown distractions caption. Another small suggestion I have is to make the yellow lines bolder or somehow stand out more because there are a few spots in the picture where they blend in with the background.

I really like the creativity of this infographic and it has some good data visualization. It could just use a few additions to certain aspects of it and I would give this a B.

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