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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at PGI. They also included this description:

“This infographic shows technology trends over the past two decades. One side represents changes in technology regarding our personal lives, while the right side represents changes regarding the workplace. Ever since email revolutionized the workplace in 1990, many products like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iMeet have altered the way people live and interact with others.”

I like the style and organization of this timeline, allowing for more event descriptions as we descend into the future. It has some interesting points in tech history–such as when the number of text messages exceeded the number of phone calls. The color scheme is simple, but at least it isn’t overbearing.

Ultimately, this isn’t an infographic–it’s a timeline. There are many opportunities for data viz here, and they’re all missed. It’s informative, but not visually oriented. You have to read to get any information out of this, and there are so many statistics and facts that are only represented by text, when they could easily be turned into charts and graphs.

In order for this to work as an infographic, a lot of the types of data would need to be shifted. It could either remain a timeline with more data viz worked in to each year, or there could be a separate section dedicated to statistics.

Also, there are no sources listed for this infographic. This means anyone wanting to check up on the information would have to do their own search, and it’s hard to tell where the researchers got their data. It’s generally good to show your sources to give your research more credibility.

Overall I’d have to give this a D as an infographic, since there is no data viz. If many of the numbers were turned into visuals, the design was amped up and the sources were given, this could get up to a B or more!

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