Infographic: Tax Wars–Does Raising Taxes Help or Hurt Job Creation?


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This infographic was submitted to us by the good people at, who had this to say:

“We’ve heard the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle about the relationship between tax rates and job growth. Some argue that increasing tax rates on top earners will hamper entrepreneurial activity and destroy jobs. Others contend that trickle-down economics simply don’t work. Here’s a look at who is saying what about one of the biggest policy debates in America today, and the historical data they are using to back up their contentions.”

We get a good look at that rhetoric on this infographic, providing a nice balance of Republican and Democratic positions on taxation. It’s sort of like a debate translated into an IG. But unfortunately, the rhetoric dominates all else. There’s only one graph, one example of data viz, on this infographic. The Clinton and Reagan summaries at the bottom provide another chance–the median family income increase and marginal income tax decreases of Reagan and the tax increase and job creation of Clinton could definitely have been converted into graphs or charts.

The debate section can definitely be left in, but to justify it, the infographic would have to get a bit longer and add more numbers. As it stands now, the proportions are sort of reversed of the way we’d like to see it: switch the amount of text with the amount of data and you’ve got a well-distributed infographic.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C–it’s making a good effort and telling some valuable information, but it isn’t quite bursting with the right type of information for an infographic.

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