Infographic: Tastes of French Wine, One Port at a Time


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This infographic was submitted to us by Cruiseabout

I love the map of the journey one would take on a river adventure through Bordeaux. It’s also a nice touch that the regions are color-coded to correspond to their descriptions below. However, it’s important to break up text in an infographic so that it doesn’t look too intimidating for the reader to tackle. All the descriptions should also be pared down so there’s only a few lines of text; icons could help tell the story (icons for red wine, white wine, and sweet wines, for example, could eliminate the need for some extra words in each description).

It’s also important to carefully proofread your designs. For example, under “Pauillac” on the fourth line, “there” is used instead of “their.” There are also instances of incorrect punctuation throughout. In infographics, text should be sparse — but the text that does appear should be closely inspected!

Overall I’d give this infographic a B — the overall infographic is short and helpful, but the bottom section could be lightened up a bit for faster consumption of information.

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