Infographic: Surge of iPhone Trade-Ins


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Similar to the Android trade-ins infographic we’ve also reviewed for today, this infographic makes a great tool for anyone looking to value their current/old phone. Its thorough review of a variety of iPhones means the guide could be useful for any iPhone owner.

Unfortunately this design also has similar flaws to the Android IG. Again, the introductory quote is weighed down by typographical errors (“trade in” rather than “trade-in,” “apple” rather than “Apple”), the trend continues in other sections, and an intro and conclusion are lacking.

Proofreading is a vital step before launching your infographic, since anything you put out with your logo on it should be polished and professional. People will associate the quality of work in your marketing efforts with the quality of your goods/services, so it’s important to “look your best!”

Introductions, conclusions, and great organization of sections help your data transform into a story. A story is easier to engage with than a list or assortment of facts, so it’s a good thing to think about when crafting the content for an infographic.

For these reasons, in all I’d give this infographic a C.

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