Infographic: Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill


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A lot of compelling stats here make a great case about how much energy we waste and how much money we’ll save by shutting a few things off! It’s also a great example of an infographic that doesn’t necessarily use data visualization (graphs, charts, quantagrams) but uses illustrations and icons as subject reference to make a similar point. For example, the $21 light bulb is represented by, well, a light bulb, instead of 21 $1 bills or some other data reference.

It also does a pretty good job of balancing useful information and product pitch. Consumers don’t like to be inundated with a sales pitch from the start, so starting off your infographic with unbranded information is the best approach. From there, you can choose a brief intro to the product, a call-to-action, or simply your logo. Since the viewer’s already gained something useful from the start of the infographic (they’ve been introduced to the problem), they may be more receptive to seeing information about a product since it’s a potential solution.

In all I’d give this infographic an A- since it keeps text light and imagery relevant. The minus is because after introducing the product, it doesn’t actually tell viewers where to go or who to contact to get the service. If this infographic were shared on another blog, the only identifying info would be “ADT Authorized Dealer,” which doesn’t tell them who the vendor is. Make sure that once you hook a potential lead, they have the info they need to contact you!

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