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This infographic was submitted by Western Pest.

For an IG about a stinky household pest, this is pretty adorable. My favorite is the little hitchhiker stink bug with a suitcase and a hobo satchel. I’m also a fan of the copy about using the telephone to call an exterminator instead of to squash the bugs yourself. The color scheme is also nice–it conveys a sense of fire-like urgency with the red and orange. The text is kept to a minimum, and the bulk of it is where it belongs: in the introduction. I never would have guessed stink bugs would hide in a fireplace. Also, since I live in a state that has had stink bug sightings, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be checking my clothes for stink bugs every time I enter my house. (But that’s a good thing, since it means the infographic made an impact on me!)

My favorite example of visualized information is the household entry points. It’s useful and to the point. The US map of sightings and reports is also very useful; wish we could see people playing around with maps in different ways.

That said, the opportunities for actual data viz are many more than what’s been put into practice here. An illustration of 250 (small) eggs could’ve been a good chance to emphasize just how many eggs that really is. And stinky eggs at that! More stats are needed too: how effective is pest control? How many stink bugs in a typical infestation? Cost of removal? What’s here is good and definitely contributes to the overall story, but it’s lacking the traditional type of data that lends itself to graphing and other value-dependent visualization.

The infographic is informative and cute, but could use a little more concrete, visualized data. I give it a B; it’s almost there!

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