Infographic: State of the Australian Construction Industry


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This infographic is courtesy of Grant Elevators.

We like to see IGs that are heavy on the graphic and light on the text, and this definitely passes muster. I like the color palette too: the background is reminiscent of hardhats, and the rest of the color scheme is simple. It fits. The infographic is also very neatly organized into two vital sections: “What’s Happening” and “Why It’s Happening.” The use of bar graphs and the size of circles relative to the numbers they represent is a nice clear way of getting data across.

I’ll admit that as an American I had to look up All Ords (the biggest index of shares in the Australian stock market), FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board), and FHOB (First Home Owner Boost). I’ll also admit that as someone who has no clue about construction I didn’t quite understand the PCI, even though the acronym is graciously spelled out. However, I’m guessing that people who are looking for information contained in this infographic would understand all these terms with no problem, so I don’t think I can dock the IG much for my own ignorance of the industry!

What I did understand was that the Australian construction industry is in a bad way, and my understanding of that point is a good indication that this infographic is doing its job with data visualization. What I didn’t understand were terms–the data viz is universal. The layout is extremely clean here, and there’s a pretty good variety of types of graphs, so it doesn’t get too repetitive. I do wish they were more unique, though. The bottom line graph is the only one that takes advantage of the subject matter, including a house with the chimney smoke morphing into the graph. A little more innovation like that would make this IG pop, and a little more universal accessibility wouldn’t hurt, but overall I give it a B!

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