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This infographic about different styles of startups and entrepreneurs comes to us from the folks at Bayan.

I really like the overall design and the humor in this. The little characters representing different types of entrepreneurs were funny and informative.

Overall I give this a B- because there are a few places where it is lacking in data visualization, but there are also a lot of really good things about it. As I already mentioned, the cartoony characters are a really nice touch that grabbed my attention, and I could easily tell from how they were dressed and accessorized what style of entrepreneurs they are. I can definitely see each of these entrepreneur styles in real life. I also like the little map of the United States that highlights the most startup-friendly states; this is a good way to create data visualization without needing to read any text.

One spot where I think this infographic could be improved is the bottom section with statistics and percentages. I would like to see some graphics added to this section that more visually represent the data. For example a picture of a degree with an “x” over it could be used for the statistic that 65 percent of startup entrepreneurs don’t have a degree. Another example is the statistic about age could have a picture of a young man and an old man to visually represent the difference in average age of entrepreneurs.

In general I really like this infographic and found it very entertaining and informative. It is a little text heavy in areas and could add a few graphics to create more data visualization in those areas. The cartoon entrepreneurs really made this infographic work for me though and I would definitely give it a higher grade if a few minor changes and additions were made.

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