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There are some great March Madness stats here! It’s amazing how much post-season expenditure there is for March Madness, and the round-the-clock coverage in the early days of the tourney is impressive, too.

I like the use of the line graph for College Jobs Posted and the bar graph for 2013 Post Season Advertising Revenue — it’s always good to visualize data where you can, whether with icons or charts/graphs/quantagrams.

I would like to see a bit of organization here, though. There aren’t really any sections — each stat is its own independent entity on the infographic and the viewer isn’t sure whether to read left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or any other way. Be sure that your infographic guides the viewer so there’s no ambiguity about what information they should view next!

Also, check for consistency in your copy. For example, by the jerseys is a list of how many jobs each company posted last year — Nike’s job count is formatted “1,345” with a comma, while Under Armour’s is formatted “1276” without a comma. Make sure to proof thoroughly to make sure your infographic looks 100% professional.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-, because organization is pretty important. If the viewer gets lost or feels confused they might abandon the infographic before viewing all it has to offer!

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