Infographic: South African Travel Agencies


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This infographic was submitted to us by Travelstart. They offered this information about their research:

The researchers contacted 50 different outlets across 6 travel agency brands, and successfully collected 317 quotes for flights to 10 international destinations to investigate pricing, consistency and the quality of service offered by the travel agents.

The agents who were contacted were not told that they were part of a survey, in order to establish the level of service that would be offered to any regular call-in customer. The first price that the agency quoted was used in analysing the results of the survey – so no negotiating took place.

While Travelstart commissioned the research and identified six travel agency brands and 10 popular flight routes, Synovate selected the dates and flight times, the number of passengers and other elements that were used in the research.

The statistics contained in this infographic are stunning. For those wondering, the R33,000 that South Africans might be talked into overspending is equal to about $3,950 or €2,930. The way these price differences are visualized is very effective, showing that people are most likely to get ripped off when flying to London. It’s a good example of unique but applicable data viz. The color scheme and general design of this infographic are also pretty nice. It’s very basic but easy to understand.

The only place I would wish for more data viz is in the section addressing what else could be bought for the R33,000 overspend. 4 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes? Let’s see them. Groceries for 6 months? That could also be visualized–6 full bags of groceries. I think that would only serve to add to the point of the infographic, which is–look how money much you’re liable to be duped out of through travel agents.

Overall I’d give this infographic an A-. It makes its point without being too salesy, while still getting its own brand in there. It employs data viz effectively and the company compiled its own research specifically for the IG. Just a touch more data viz would make this great!

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