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This graphic was submitted to us by Rick’s Fencing.

There’s a lot of visual interest here with a mixture of illustrations and icons, a variety of font sizes and treatments, and a varied but coordinated range of colors. It makes it easy to want to see what’s coming up next in the design.

The benefits of solid patio covers are clear for a variety of scenarios and lifestyles, so it’s simple to discover whether a solid patio cover might work for the viewer.

Because the nature of this infographic doesn’t include any actual hard data, there’s no opportunity for data viz, which makes it difficult to judge as an infographic. However, it is a comprehensive tool for anyone hoping to determine whether they should consider a patio cover for their home.

As a tool for making a decision on covered patios, I’d give it an A! As an infographic, it would need some numbers and maybe a storyline — perhaps walking someone through the process of choosing a covered patio, sample price ranges, etc.

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