Infographic: Solar Energy: All You Need to Know


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SolarTech Ltd. sent us this infographic.

There are some good examples of diagrams (like the house with the 45-degree label and the more detailed house below) helping to show the story instead of just describing it with words. The “What are the benefits?” section at the end also does a great job of leading with imagery (icons for each benefit) and keeping text concise.

Something I would note here is that this infographic jumps between many different styles of illustration. To create a cohesive look, it’s best to choose just one, but this design uses 3D, flat design, silhouettes, and more all in one infographic. This makes it a bit jarring for the viewer and could lead them to focus on the differences in appearance rather than what the illustrations are actually depicting.

Be sure to be consistent when formatting your headers! Some of these are in title casing and some in sentence casing, but it’s best if they all use the same method.

Lastly, a concluding statement helps to wrap things up and give viewers a takeaway. These can be a call-to-action to the company’s website, a question to make them think/generate comments on a blog or social post, or a statement making a conclusion about the information just shared.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- since it is visually themed, informative, and fairly concise, but could use a unified aesthetic, some proofreading, and a conclusion.

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