Infographic: Social Commerce Growth 2013


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This infographic was submitted to us by ShopSocially.

It’s good to see a little bit of data viz in the beginning, and the sections are clearly marked off and organized so it’s easy for the viewer to find where they’re going. The color scheme and iconography are kept simple, so there’s no risk of clashing or just out-of-place elements. It could, however, use a bit more of an eye-catching header.

Text is kept pretty low and the data is reigned in so that the viewer can get through the infographic in about a minute. However, that time could be even faster if more data visualization was utilized, apart from just the first section.

The rest of the infographic is packed with stats, but we have to read to get that information. Infographics should take advantage of every opportunity to visualize information; this will make it more likely that your viewers will stick around to the end of the infographic.

I would like to see an introduction and conclusion too, to prep the viewer for what to expect and leave them with something to think about (or a URL to visit for more info). The accompanying blog post on the page where the infographic lives helps with this, but if someone were to share the infographic — like on this site — they wouldn’t receive the same context.

In all I’d give this a C. It does its job, but could do so with a little more context and less… “text”-text.

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