Infographic: Social Commerce for Brands and Fans


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This infographic comes to us from TabJuice, who also submitted this brief description:

“We keep hearing how social commerce ‘is the next area to really blow up’ but details on how it will blow up are sparse. Take a look at this infographic to understand how social commerce can be utilized to leverage both of its users, brands and fans.”

This infographic is loaded with tips and statistics related to social commerce. It’s nice that it is targeted at both stores and consumers, so that everyone gets valuable information at the same place. The creation of a fake brand allowed the infographic to provide easy-to-understand examples for each tip.

A big problem with this infographic is that the tips are visualized, but the stats aren’t. (The exception is the prediction for social commerce growth at the base of the IG.) Statistics must be visualized in order to make an infographic truly an infographic. These visuals don’t all have to be so big as to throw off the existing design, though. The very first statistic–1 out of 13 people on Earth use Facebook–could be illustrated with 13 little people, and one in a different color to represent the Facebook user. They would fit in the space where the statistic is currently written. The other statistics could be done as bar graphs in those same spaces, if keeping the current design were determined to be vital to the success of the infographic. Of course, the brilliant thing about infographics is that you can give five designers the same data and they will all invent something uniquely different from the others.

Because the design is clean, the information is concise and relevant, and the copy is relatively error-free (with the exceptions of “BIG Annoucement” and the “XYZ Designs Veritgo Tee,” which I imagine is supposed to be “Vertigo”), this graphic has a leg up on some others. Still, data viz is essential to infographics, and for that reason I’d give this infographic a C- overall.

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