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This infographic was submitted to us by Here is what they had to say regarding their submission:

Recent reports have suggested that Australians are paying far more for branded goods in the high street and on Australian online shopping sites compared to other countries. In fact, all goods sold in Australia have a 65% wholesale and retail mark-up and this blows out to a whopping 142% mark-up for clothes and shoes. Is it any wonder that savvy shoppers are looking to overseas sopping websites to find bargains. is dedicated to bringing you the best brand bargains from US online stores every day, to help you make the price comparisons with local retailers, both online and in the high street so you can make an informed decision.

This infographic is pretty good. I like the amount the data visualization – there is a lot of variety between the bar chart, line chart and different types of pie charts. The design is clean and simple, which makes all of the information easier to digest. Even still, there is still a good chunk of the data in the infographic that has not been visualized – in particular, the number of unique visitors for the different eCommerce websites or the “average monthly spend” section. These could both be represented with bar charts.

The variety in types of graphs is nice, but it is better to stick to flat or 3D graphs as opposed to mixing the two – for consistency, if nothing else. Overall, I would give this infographic a B. Although it needs more data visualization, the design is simple, clean and accessible. It also doesn’t rely too heavily on text, which makes it more likely for readers to enjoy and share the infographic. Definitely could be become an A!

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