Infographic: Slow Sites = Less Sales


Slow Sites Cause Less Sales

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There’s some interesting information here. It has a valuable message for e-commerce merchants who focus on everything but the speed of their site. However, the design and presentation could use a little help.

To start, the intro paragraph doesn’t explain “how slow site speeds matter more than ever”. It just shows that Black Friday still outsells Cyber Monday significantly, and doesn’t address what portion of Black Friday sales/shoppers were online. “People” is also capitalized unnecessarily in it, and multiple small spelling, word choice, and punctuation errors are present throughout. It doesn’t seem to have been proofread.

I’d also like to see an explanation on why sites that load in under a second have the lowest conversion rate of any load time! It seems to contradict the overall point.

In general this infographic needs a solid proofreading and a more polished take on the design scheme. It looks a little clip art-y — both in the icons and the data viz. A more cohesive aesthetic combined with attention to detail would carry the data further. I’d give it a C- as it stands.

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