Infographic: Slot Machine Structure


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This IG was taken from playslotscasinos portal for online gamblers. It is a perfect place for improving skills for free. Demos will help to enjoy all slots features without real deposits. The source was created especially for slots lovers.

The design is a helpful diagram to familiarize first-timers with the components of an online slot machine. The key is easy to understand, although it does get slightly confusing on the paylines with a set of 5 numbers that don’t correlate to the numbers in the key — maybe “A, B, C” etc. could alleviate that a bit.

I’d love to see an introduction and conclusion on this to make it feel a bit more cohesive — right now it’s just an image with a key and not much else to ground the viewer in why they’re looking at it or what to take away from it. I’d also recommend clarifying a couple of terms for viewers who might not be familiar. For example, I’m unclear on the description for Coins: “You can use this button to point coins value.” Does that mean cash in your points? Convert points to cash? As someone unfamiliar with online gambling and trying to learn more, this description falls a little flat for me.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, because it helps improve my understanding a bit but leaves a few questions and would benefit from some context in an intro and conclusion.

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