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Infographic: Skin Treatments That Make Your Skin Crawl


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Do you know what’s really in your skin care products? Snail slime is used for skin healing, wrinkles, scars, acne, pigmentation problems and rough skin. Known as “KNU,” one skin product contains about 70% snail slime! The effects were noticed in Chile, Korea, and Africa, and this ingredient is now available in US skin care ( treatments.

Placenta (human and animal!) treats dry/damaged/aging skin and damaged hair. For those who can’t handle that, phyto placenta is made of plant placenta. But don’t judge — in one Nanjing, China hospital, 1 in 10 new parents takes their placenta home.

Human breast milk can aid dry/aging skin and acne — on both mom and baby! You can find this ingredient in lotions, creams, and soaps. About 20% of babies get baby acne (also known as cephalic pustulosis), and topical application of breast milk can help soothe the problem!

Nightingale droppings smooth rough/discolored/damaged skin. This ingredient was originally used to get stains out of silk fabric; geishas also used it as a skin whitener and smoothing agent. It may be the high concentration of urea in bird droppings that does the trick. Other fun names for this treatment are Bird Poop Facial, Geisha Facial, and Uguisu no fun (the Japanese name).

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