Infographic: Should DMAA Be Banned?


DMAA Round Table - Infographic
Serious Supplements

This infographic was submitted to us by Serious Supplements.

Although this provides a “point/counterpoint” argument regarding the safety and legality of DMAA, it is all “info” and no “graphic.” In essence, it’s text pasted onto a background, with no visual context or reference. It’s also devoid of hard numbers to help back up either argument. So, although there are no especially heavy instances of text in the infographic, the text appears heavy-handed anyway — because it’s all there is to look at.

Additionally, some typographical errors detract from the messaging of the infographic. For example, the first argument uses inconsistent title casing on both the “No” and “Yes” arguments. In the “No” argument, “harmful” is for some reason uncapitalized, while “Safe” is capitalized in the “Yes” box. The first instance of the word “is,” however, is missing from the “Yes” argument. This type of error is repeated in the second “Yes” argument.

Proofreading your infographic is a critical step to upholding your image online. In ideal circumstances, the infographic will be shared and critiqued across the web — bearing your company name and/or logo. Having a less-than-polished product linked to your name just isn’t great for business, whether that product is your website, a flyer, an email, an infographic, or anything else.

In all I’d have to give this graphic a D-. It doesn’t really end the debate with a decision — “The Answer” is that the “Yes” side argues “Yes” and the “No” side argues “No” — and there is neither illustration nor data visualization. There also isn’t any data to be visualized, and the text throughout contains errors. One would need to restart this infographic from the beginning to get it into shape.

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