Infographic: Shining a Light on Light Pollution


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Nature Bright submitted this infographic along with a description:

Light pollution is the excess light that gets sent skyward from urban areas and residential neighborhoods. Light pollution affects living organisms in a variety of ways, mainly by disrupting circadian rhythms, resulting in sleep and other health issues.

This infographic has some cute illustrations that draw the eye in. Unfortunately, what’s most noticeable about this infographic is how text-heavy it is. While such a specific topic may require more explanatory copy than normal, there are several missed opportunities to actually visualize the data. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether or not the infographic would be easy to understand if all of the text were removed, and in this case while you can tell sort of what the infographic might be about, some of the specific points really rely on the text (especially at the very bottom).

The illustrated city scene with call-outs identifying light pollution sources is a good idea, but a smaller illustration, or icons representing each light source, would be much cleaner and leave room for the statistics to the right to be properly visualized.

In all, I would give this infographic a D. The overall illustration has potential and it covers a very interesting topic, but the text is really what carries the story.

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