Infographic: Seriously Weird Contraceptives Through the Ages


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Freedoms Shop sent us this infographic! It’s full of interesting types of contraceptives over the years, with accompanying illustrations to help evoke what these contraceptives were made from.

This conveys some interesting info, but most of the knowledge comes through in the form of text. While the illustrations speak to a part of each contraceptive method, they don’t often illustrate the usage. For example, the “Acacia, Dates and Honey” image is a jar with honey, but the actual contraceptive use was a seed wool tampon, soaked not only in honey but also the acacia and dates mixture. While some of the images along these lines would be a little evocative, they would reduce the reliance on text by providing all of the information visually, using labels with just a couple of words to help clarify. Additionally, the illustration styles of each callout are all different — it’s best to just pick one style and stick with it for the whole design.

Additionally, it looks like one of the callouts (Holding Your Breath) uses a serif font for the body copy, differing from the rest of the callouts. Proofing and consistency are important to a polished design.

In all I’d give this infographic a C- because it is on the right track with using images, but needs a bit less text and some more helpful visuals to increase its utility.

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