Infographic: Senior Health Care Services: Aging Gracefully with Quality Care


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Avamere Family of Companies.

It uses a good combination of data viz and iconography to keep things interesting beyond just text, and has a lot of relevant stats that help prove its point. Where I think this information is getting lost is in the layout; it’s very jarring to have each section with its own rules for how to lay out stats next to one another, and ends up distracting the eye. Part of this is because the section headers do not extend across the width of the infographic; there’s a lot of open space to question how things are divided.

However, the infographic does a great job of keeping text to a minimum. It also keeps all of its branded messaging to the end, which is critical. Introduce a product/service/brand too soon, and a viewer is likely to stop looking at the infographic altogether. Actually, the branded portion of the design is where the text begins to stack up, and that section could actually benefit from a bit more room to breathe.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B. It’s got the right idea, but it could use some layout restructuring to help the reader more easily navigate.

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