Infographic: Seattle Hazardous Waste Removal Pros Promote Safe Marijuana Cultivation


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This infographic was submitted to us by WasteXpress.

The graphic follows a journey from the early ’70s to present-day Washington State laws, going on to explain how cannabis can impact the environment as well as certain people.

The color scheme of the graphic certainly makes sense, and the Seattle skyline at the top of the infographic helps establish the setting. The “problem/solution” setup for the conclusion is a great way to show progress and available options for the newly-legal crop.

A quick mention of edits: initiatives don’t need a hyphen when “Initiative” is spelled out. For instance, “Initiative-502” should just be “Initiative 502,” but if it were abbreviated to “I-502” the hyphen would be correct.

The bottom portion of the infographic does a good job of using relevant icons to accompany the text, and I’d love to see a bit more of that at the top. Any time the emphasis can be taken away from the text and placed on icons or data visualizations working as visual aides, do it!

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. A bit of proofing and a bit more emphasis on visuals could improve viewer engagement!

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