Infographic: Risk Radar (101 Ways the World Could Change — Or Possibly End)


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What’s Next submitted this infographic to us! It looks at some of the ways the world might change, or even end, based on predictions of futurist Richard Watson.

Each possible event is rated by probability of occurrence and potential impact if it happened. The introduction makes it clear that all of these are estimates and there’s a tone of humor toward the end as well, which helps justify some of the funnier events listed on the radar. The scale used is pretty familiar so it’s easy for the eye to gauge relative impact/probability once you orient yourself.

I do find that there’s a lot going on on the design, and a few fixes could help to make it a little less overwhelming. The fact that the radar, grid, copy, and “Environment” symbol are all the same bright green makes it tough to pick a place to focus. I would opt for making many of these elements more neutral colors, so that what stands out are the events themselves. Additionally, it would help to standardize the position of the icons relative to the copy; in some cases you have to hunt to figure out which symbol correlates with which description. I’d also move the intro paragraph to the lefthand side; Western audiences typically read left-to-right so I noticed the main radar and started looking over it before I read the intro paragraph.

In all I’d give this design a C. A few design choices could help clean it up a little, and I’d love for the icons/key to work a little harder in showing the story. Maybe there could be a larger variety of categories to help with that.

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