Infographic: Rise of the Forex Empire


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Knowledge to Action submitted this infographic to us! They also included a description:

As young entrepreneurs break into the real world oozing with confidence and an education match, there are two words that can stump them on their way to the top (drum rolls please) – that’s right, the Forex Market. Trading foreign exchange involves lot of universal factors and an extraordinary level of risk that can change in a flip of a coin. But all atrocious puns aside – the Forex Market does not have to be as difficult as people play it out to be. It is an accessible industry regardless of its gigantic trillion-dollar-a-day in turnover. From banks and governments to large corporations and business, you can also be a participant without needing a lot of money to start trading. Whether you’re a beginner at currencies, a young entrepreneur or are simply curious to start a career in the Forex Market, getting educated about the history of the industry you’re stepping into can be a significant factor in how successful you’ll be in the future. So where did this all begin? Read the graphic timeline on the Forex Market below!

The design has a few good icons that help convey its message, and a chronological timeline is always an easy-to-follow format to help tell a linear story. It would be better if the illustrations carried through to each panel (the Did You Know? section doesn’t use as much illustration) but the call to action, source list, and logo follow ideal format.

In all I’d give this infographic a B; it’s visually engaging and pretty light on text, but some of the illustrations could work a little harder (and a bit of data visualization — charts and graphs — couldn’t hurt!).

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