Infographic: Retirement Investing: Stock Market vs. Real Estate


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Safeguard Advisors submitted this infographic to us!

The design does a fantastic job of dividing sections and presenting hard numbers from which viewers can draw their own conclusions. While the first chart is a little underwhelming (the change in Americans investing in stocks doesn’t seem very substantial!) the consistent use of data visualization makes the design easy to navigate and much more brief than it would be if everything was written out in text.

Mainly, I wish the transitions between sections told a bit more of a story. I think the section headers could work together a bit more to accomplish this. For example, I don’t feel the relation between “Do Americans Trust the Stock Market?” and “It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.” If they were “Do Americans Trust the Stock Market?” and “It Seems They Prefer Real Estate Over Stocks”, I’d have a clearer picture of how the two sets of stats are supposed to interact.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s short and sweet, but the storyline itself needs to be a bit stronger in order to tie the stats together. A concluding statement would also help the viewer have a sense of completion at the end of the design!

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