Infographic: Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner Can Save You Money


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AAA Heating and Cooling sent us this infographic along with a brief description:

If you have an AC unit that is older than 10 years, the cost of operating your air conditioner may be outweighing the potential cost savings involved with replacing it. Homeowners see notable decreases in their energy bills, units operate more efficiently, and they do not use harmful chemicals.

The design makes good use of effective illustrations (such as in the “All Things Considered” section, where most of the illustrations do the work of the text) and a couple of instances of data visualization (such as at the very top, next to the intro paragraph). The organization by sections is also really helpful for guiding the viewer through the design. Additionally, the unified color palette keeps the viewer focused on the information instead of trying to readjust or reorient themselves throughout.

In all I’d give this infographic an A- because it’s really well put-together, but there are just a couple of proofing notes and few sections that have a bit too much text (like the second blue box at the end of “All Things Considered”).

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