Infographic: Reasons to Visit Devon & Cornwall


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This infographic was submitted to us by Blue Chip Holidays.

The map that it starts off with is a great way to ground the viewer with the lay of the land, for those unfamiliar with the area. The infographic is bursting with great information about Cornish history and local landmarks and events, doing a great job of setting expectations for anyone who’s considering visiting Cornwall or Devon.

What would improve this infographic is reconsidering the layout and illustration style choices. Right now it’s very busy with a lot of text and a lot of images all competing for the viewers attention. The mix of several illustration styles and photos is also jarring and prevents the design from keeping a cohesive feel. A more restricted color palette can also help to unify the design.

I’d rate this infographic a B- because it’s full of great information and it has the right idea overall with section headers and illustrations to accompany info, but the design is a bit distracting and tough to follow.

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