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This infographic was submitted to us by Targeted Merchant Solutions, who also provided this description:

It’s important to maximize your business’s potential. Accepting only cash payments greatly reduces overall profit margins and customer base. As more and more businesses offer debit/credit/gift card payments, having the right merchant service provider is an invaluable resource. Not only will your business be more attractive to potential customers, but having merchant equipment provides safer payment options, reduces the risk of theft and can even allow mobile payments. It’s time to better equip your business with affordable merchant equipment, marketing services and merchant services with Targeted Merchant Solutions. We have the tools to help your business succeed in a competitive marketplace.

This infographic explains why accepting debit, credit, and prepaid card payments could be vital to expanding your business. It uses powerful stats to make this case, and displays vibrant colors that partner with the stats to keep the viewer engaged.

There are two main issues with the design: it uses several different illustration styles (which interferes with continuity) and it hasn’t been thoroughly proofread. Infographics should pick one design style and utilize it throughout to avoid jarring the reader — all visual elements should help rather than distract. Typos are another distraction, and they are prevalent here. Capitalization is inconsistent (title casing versus sentence casing for stats and randomly capitalized words like “Credit Cards”), a word is misspelled (“Annnual Sales”), and the copy varies between “and” and an ampersand.

Always make sure your infographic is ready for your audience! I’d give this one a C since it needs some visual consistency and proofreading before it’s really ready.

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