Infographic: Public Transit Safety Gets a Boost from Mobile WiFi Solutions


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SinglePoint sent us this infographic, which discusses WiFi usage as it relates to public transit. It makes use of good and very relevant iconography (buses, stations, etc.) as well as some data visualization.

I like the way that brief callouts are handled throughout, such as the boxes in “MSAP’S Safety Provisions Target These Areas:” and “Federal Requirement for Most Rail Networks.” Infographics should let visuals shine whenever possible, but when text is needed, it’s best to keep it short, like these sections do!

I do find the data visualization in the “since 1995” section to be a bit confusing; using repeated icons to represent a percentage increase is tough to interpret when you don’t have a key to indicate the value. It looks like 1 bus equals 1%, 1 milemarker equals 1%, etc., but the scale is so small that I had to count each icon to realize that was the intent. A dual bar chart, with one bar showing 100% and the next bar 37.2% higher, would be more effective here. Typography is another option when a figure is difficult to show through data visualization.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- since it’s definitely got the right idea, but could use some reconsideration in data visualization techniques and section organization (the layouts in the subsections under “You Can Never Be Too Safe” have some disagreement about what text is actually the header, and having text above each header can be a little confusing).

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