Infographic: Protect Your Product From the Elements With Ingress Protection (IP) Testing


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Cascade TEK brought us this infographic.

I like all the textures in the background of the title, intro, and “Solids” and “Water” sections — I’d like to see that tied into the bottom of the infographic somehow (maybe the footer) to give it a bit more visual unity, but it’s definitely engaging in the beginning.

Another aspect where the beginning of the infographic shines is in colors. After the “Solids” and “Water” sections, we have only extremely muted shades, which makes it a little harder to follow and stay intrigued throughout. However, the visuals to go with each level of IP are extremely helpful in conveying just how protected a product has to be to receive each rating. It helps establish the company as an expert in the IP field, which is what the infographic is intending to do.

Since it achieves its message, but could use a little help in creating consistently engaging design throughout, overall I’ll give it a B-.

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