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This infographic was submitted to us by Viking Direct.

This is a really interesting compilation of the prohibited and restricted items for shipping in various countries. The iconography is great and the map background fits in really well. Although the map is quite busy, the simplicity of the overlaid “stamps” makes order out of chaos. There’s only one section of visualizable data but it works well — it’s interesting to see that pasta is the #5 most prohibited item!

This IG does a great job of keeping the design interesting, organized and aligned with the theme. I’d love to see a little more data incorporated, although the long list of countries (15 and mainland Europe, not the 10 listed at the top!) takes up a lot of space already.

The final section is a little odd with regards to the alignment of the Xs and check marks. On some, they overlap, but on others they don’t touch. A little consistency here would make it less visually jarring; standardizing the length of the text in this section would be an ideal way to help with this.

In all I’d give this a B as an infographic, because I’d like to see some more visualizable data thrown in and a bit of a cleaner execution on the final section. Definitely an interesting topic to tackle though — now I’ll know where not to ship spaghetti!

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