Infographic: Profile of the UK Private Sector


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This infographic comes from Simply Business.

I really like the theme of this IG. It’s a very simple design, even though there is so much information being displayed. It really serves as a great snapshot way to get an idea of the breakdown of private employment in the United Kingdom, and the way the colors are balanced with an unobtrusive background is visually appealing. I’ll give it a B- for the following reasons:

I understand the temptation to leave the IG completely simple, with just three nice sections of data viz, but I skim right over the written facts in favor of the graphs. Some of these stats could be easily visualized in smaller graphs, so that the simplicity of the infographic isn’t compromised but the text is minimalized.

The dimensions on this are also not ideal. At 1400 pixels across, it’s wider than it is long, and that means viewers can’t see the whole horizontal span of the IG at full size. Infographics are best kept to widths of 1000 pixels maximum; then they can be as long as they want, as vertical scrolling is much more user friendly.

Fixing these minor issues can make this a pretty great infographic.

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