Infographic: Premier League All Time Records


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UT Coin Traders submitted this infographic to us! They also supplied a short description:

The team at UT Coin Traders have put together this incredibly detailed infographic showcasing some of the longest standing records in the Premier League. With an in-depth look at individual, team and managerial records there is no stone left unturned! From the oldest ever player to the youngest goalscorer this infographic incorporates everything you could possible need to know from one of the greatest football leagues on Earth!

The design opens with a great group illustration and some zoomed-in headshots of each player alongside their accomplishment. This is helpful in grounding the viewer as to who these key players are. Further on, the logos of different clubs also provide a useful visual cue. These images are good choices for this design, because most of the numbers don’t particularly lend themselves to data visualization; they’re more standalone. When data visualization isn’t the best choice, typography in combination with icons and illustration can really help drive a story.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because text is kept fairly simple in most places, it’s clear what the piece is about from the visuals, and it’s well-organized. I would recommend some sort of closing statement, however, to tie it all up at the end.

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