Infographic: Power Play – Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sinotech.

It makes a great resource for hobbyists wanting to learn more about the history and advantages of brushless DC motors. The designer makes good use of iconography throughout to aid the text.

I particularly like the inclusion of the final section, as it provides a brief rundown of the topic and hobbies in general. It also includes data visualization, though it’s not utilized to the fullest availability. All the numbers with green icons could be visualized somehow to help give the viewer a better sense of what the number represents.

The design is pretty simple, though the bright color palette does add some interest. Moving away from the off-white background toward a texture or color would help it to stand out a bit more.

As someone not familiar with these particular hobbies, I’d love a bit of explanation on why electric motors are easier to learn — but certainly, that may not be necessary for the target audience. As long as you know your audience, you can tailor the content toward them.

The timeline is a helpful element of the infographic, providing some context to the emergence of this type of motor in the longstanding history of RC racing.

It would also be great to see a proper conclusion on the infographic — perhaps a call to action of some sort. There’s an introductory sentence at the beginning, and a concluding sentence would help to sum up the point or draw viewers to Sinotech.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s informative and stays pretty light on text, but it would be great to see a few more unique elements in the design.


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