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This infographic about playground dangers comes to us from the folks at Lyslaw.

I like the overall design and color scheme of this infographic. The colors and images work well with the topic and it is not too cluttered or text heavy.

Overall I give this a C-, mainly because, although there is a good balance between text and graphics, the images used don’t really represent data visually in most cases. For example, a picture of some monkey bars doesn’t show me that 67 percent of reported playground injuries involve falls or equipment failure. This would be better represented if there was an illustration of a kid falling off of the monkey bars or one of them breaking. Another example is the dog toy doesn’t show me that 20 percent of playground injuries are not recorded. Basically the images need to more directly represent the statistics that the text provides in this infographic in order to create more data visualization. The pictures look nice and are all playground related, but they just don’t add much to the information.

I would suggest that every picture on this gets changed or replaced to reflect the statistics. The big pink playground set is supposed to reflect the fact that 8 percent of reported incidents involve hazards around the equipment but not the equipment itself, so there should be a picture of something other than a playground set, like maybe a kid running into a tree or something. I could make suggestions for each one of the statistics, but you get the point.

This looks nice and held my attention and I was glad that I didn’t have to read a lot, but in order for me to give it a higher grade, the graphics need to be more linked with the data to create more data visualization and tell the story that this infographic is trying to get across.

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