“Infographic”: Planning A Dinner Party With Your Phone


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This “infographic” comes to us from the people over at Geekaphone and covers various aspects of hosting a dinner party using your smartphone. Though there is some cool information about different smartphone applications that can be used in planning the party, there is absolutely no data visualization, so we cannot call this an infographic. There are a couple of call-outs to some survey results on cell phone etiquette, but that is all.

There is information here that could be visualized – there could be information on how popular each of the apps are and how many people have downloaded them. The survey results on phone etiquette could definitely be expanded upon and visualized as well, as there is likely a ton of information out there on this. It could be easily be visualized with a simple pie graph. I think the etiquette “tips” themselves should be the least prominent section (possibly at the very end) since there isn’t much to visualize there and it’s more of a sidenote.

To be an infographic, the piece needs to rely heavily on data visualization and only use text for emphasis. This information could definitely be displayed in that way in order to make this into a real infographic.

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