Infographic: Pick a Mood for the Room


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This infographic was submitted to us by Gate to Garage.

This is a very pretty collection of possible designs for any room! I love the color combinations and the callouts from the palette to their use in the room. It’s a great guide for anyone looking for inspiration for interior design.

The topic doesn’t really lend itself to being an infographic, however. It’s more of a guide than an infographic, since it doesn’t have any hard data. Infographic-like characteristics that it does use, however, are associating images (in this case, photographs) with text, and keeping text to a minimum, letting the images do most of the talking.

It could be an interesting opportunity to work in some survey data — something like “__% of people prefer bright colors in kitchens” or “1 in 5 homeowners have repainted their walls.” As is, it’s a bit hard to grade it as an infographic, but I’d give it an A for inspiration!

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