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This infographic was submitted to us by Rick’s Fencing.

Starting off with an illustration of a pergola and an accompanying description of what one is is a great opener, as it wouldn’t be good to assume that everyone knows what they are. I wish that there was more color in this top section, though, to draw the viewer in. Since it is all muted neutral colors, it doesn’t provide much visual appeal, even though the illustration is well-executed. Still, I’ll admit that I didn’t know what pergolas were, by name, before seeing this infographic, so I definitely learned something here!

It would be nice for the timeline if reference dates were given, and the allocation of space reflected the relative timespan between each event. As it is now, it appears that the same amount of time passed between ancient Egpyt and the 1st century AD as between the Renaissance and Craftsman homes! This would require rescaling the section but would provide some interesting context. A few more related points on the timeline

I love the use of data visualization in “Why Build a Pergola?” It’s great to see not only in what order of importance the survey answers are, but by what margin each one is more important than the next. For instance, the difference between the #1 and #5 answer for reasons to create an outdoor room is just 15% — all of these reasons were very important to those that answered the survey. However, the popularity of different types of outdoor shade varies significantly: the difference between the #1 shade provider and the #5 shade provider is a full 40%! We wouldn’t get that context without the numbers and visual representation.

The colorful illustration of the flowered pergola at the bottom is a great ending — though again, it does make me wish that the initial illustration were more colorful, as this final illustration is the point in the infographic with the most (dare I say it?) “pop.” The predominant browns throughout the top 2/3 of the IG get a little dull.

In all I’d give this infographic a B: a little more even dispersal of color and a bit more context for the timeline could really make this great!

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