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This infographic was submitted to us by Nursing License Map.

This is a great guide for picking a career in nursing. It covers the wide range of different options available to those interested in pursuing health care–someone considering the field for the first time might not know that there are so many different types of nursing degrees and nurse positions! The text is clear, the color palette is consistent and not distracting, and the coverage of each potential path is comprehensive.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we’d call an infographic, for the primary reason that there is no data visualization here. What is good is that visualizable data has been included: all of the text in red could be turned into a chart or graph showing the data instead of writing about it.

This would give the guide a bit more visual intrigue and lighten it up a bit, too. Being inundated with large amounts of text is not much different from reading a list or manual–infographics make the data fun to read.

A few examples of how the text might be visualized:

The statistic about 78% of NCLEX-RN test-takers passing could be represented by using a thermometer, mock-up medical chart on a clip board, pencil or other related instrument and showing that 78% as a portion out of 100.

Since there are 2.6 million RNs in the United States, and it’s said that that is the largest population of any health care occupation, it could be fun to see how many dentists, medical doctors, surgeons, etc. there are in comparison. These numbers could together be represented on a line chart as a heart monitor, or perhaps with different colored scrubs representing each occupation (either as a bar chart or having a portion of each of them shaded according to population).

As a guide I’d give this an A, as it’s very informative, but it will benefit from the addition of data viz before I could grade it as an infographic.

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