Infographic: Outdoor Kitchen Design: Tips for Portland Landscaping


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This infographic was submitted to us by Landscape East & West.

I love the localized tips for an outdoor Portland patio. It’s interesting to learn just how warm, rainy, windy, etc. Portland tends to be so one can gauge what type of considerations need to be made for an outdoor kitchen. Personally, at below 40 degrees I’d be unlikely to cook outside, heating lamps or not, but I can imagine plenty of grill-loving folks who would!

In an “anatomy of” section like the first section of this infographic, it’s ideal to make all callouts relevant to something in the main illustration, and the designer has done a great job of that! The first section transitions well into a stat-focused section using a combination of data visualization and iconography to illustrate the information. We get a clear picture of the average spend and dedication American homeowners have to home improvement, and what they commonly spend on.

In all I’d give this infographic an A-. I’d just love to see a concluding sentence/lasting impression at the end of the infographic so that it doesn’t abruptly end on the most common renovations.

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