Infographic: Online Reputation Management – How to Suppress Negative Reviews on Search Engines


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This infographic was submitted to us by Consorte Marketing, who also provided this description:

Nobody wants to end up with negative reviews online, but it happens to everyone. Even a perfectly trustworthy company can be destroyed by false posts from a scam board or even a competitor. Having to deal with these false accusations can be frustrating, especially when you’ve never encountered this particular dilemma before. Suppress negative posts about your business before your brand gets tarnished with online reputation management. It’s not an easy task, but the results are truly worth it in the end. Consorte Marketing has put together an infographic to guide you through the process. This online reputation management infographic is a great way to skip all the anxiety, and start actively working towards a proven solution.

This graphic has solid specific tips on how to keep your online reputation from ruining your business–or how to fix a poor reputation. The design is clear, easy to interpret and well organized, and the information is to-the-point. The obvious conclusion is also a positive: we know exactly what to expect from the introduction and we know what the takeaway is from the conclusion.

We typically discourage white backgrounds, though the red border helps to lessen the negative effect (blending in to the background of blogs, web pages etc. where it might be shared). The other main comment is that while this infographic does contain visualized data, there isn’t a lot of it. We see one case study, but no numbers on how important reputation management is to most brands, or the average number of negative reviews a consumer might read before deciding not to buy, etc. A few more numbers scattered throughout could help emphasize the main points. Based on that, I’d give this infographic a B.

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