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There is a very simple and clean design here, which makes the data stand out without being too confusing. The color scheme is consistent, the data is extremely thorough and the topic is interesting.

The data viz is a bit drab, however, where it exists. In many places it isn’t utilized where it could’ve been. The first section is just calling out for it–circles containing written percentages could so easily be converted into pie charts which, while not very exciting, are better than just writing data. For some reason, the 1% statistic is visualized, but none of the others. It gets a little more creative in sections like “Most Pirated Items on the Web” by using icons, but that’s still not data viz.

I could also use some descriptions on the percentages. China is the “top for online piracy” with 91%… of what? 91% of Chinese people have downloaded illegally? China accounts for 91% of all online piracy? It seems that some places are lacking text while others could remove it effectively.

There’s also some unexplained capitalization throughout. Words like “software” or “online piracy” wouldn’t typically be capitalized mid-sentence. Grammar issues like “42 percent of Softwares running in World are illegally downloaded” are also present.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It’s got data viz, but not enough of it, and there are enough technical problems that it looks a little hastily done. A more unique design would also serve this topic well.

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