Infographic: Offshore Production Pitfalls: How Full-Service Custom Motor Manufacturers Reduce Your Risks


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sinotech.

The design keeps text fairly light throughout and is short and sweet — you get the information you’re looking for without extraneous info or copy. Data viz is clear and the color-coding of the large table really helps those who aren’t interested in reading the details. It’s easy enough to see that Sinotech has “the green light” on everything.

The only issue with that table is that there isn’t a key, so it isn’t entirely clear what yellow represents. They have the feature, but it’s incomplete/unsatisfactory? They’re working on developing the feature? A key should explain each of the colors so that the viewer is certain what traits each manufacturer type has.

It’d be great to see a bit more imagination with the fonts, too! The section headers are interesting, but the body text appears to be Arial. With a whole world of fonts available, standard word-processor fonts aren’t particularly exciting for the viewer.

In all I’d give this infographic a B! A key and a bit of typography fun would kick this up.

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