Infographic: Numbers Behind the Travel Industry: Pigs, Planes and Urine


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This infographic submission comes courtesy of TravelMatch. The goal here is to show some of the huge (and somewhat gross) numbers behind the travel industry. There’s a ton of information here, but the designer does a good job with organizing the information and using data visualization to make the infographic friendlier on the eyes and easier to understand. That being said, some of the graphics are not easily explained when left to stand on their own, and depend somewhat heavily on the accompanying text to support them.

The graphic featuring the armada of planes holds some useful information, but is drowned out by the overuse of the text. The number of empty seats on airplanes every year is incredibly interesting, as it’s lost business for airlines. This graphic does a poor job in really conveying that data visually, and instead relies on the write-up to explain the information. Somehow incorporating an overhead jet layout showing the number of empty seats would be simple, clean and easy to understand without too much supporting text.

As gross as it may be, the image describing the amount of pee in public pools is a great example of how data should be visualized in an infographic. The picture should describe the data, with limited text required. This image does a great job accomplishing that goal, well done. Another great example are the last two images. Travelers use enough sunscreen to cover Luxembourg, and enough soap to balance out 65,000 elephants. That is exactly what is portrayed here, and it could be done without any supporting text. Again, a great job.

Overall, I’d give this infographic somewhere in between a B+ and an A. The overuse of text is noticeable but not to glaring, and is bearable. One way to improve there would be to use more graphics that incorporate some sort of chart or graph into the image. There are some great examples of how an infographic should be pieced together, and some very interesting statistics and facts put together to create a good story.

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