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This infographics reveals facts about North Cyprus. Despite its South counterpart, North Cyprus is not very well known, making it an unspoilt holiday destination with 340 days of sunshine, sandy beaches and more. Visit our North Cyprus website for more information.

It’s always a good experience to view an infographic as someone totally unfamiliar with the subject — as I am to North Cyprus! So I learned a lot of great information, like time zone, currency, weather (phew, it’s SCORCHING in the summer!), and travel options. The infographic does a fairly good job of minimizing text, and uses lots of iconography and illustration to help tell its story.

I think I’d like to see a little more information akin to what’s presented in the bottom portions of the infographic. It was interesting to find out about the unique attractions to be seen on North Cyprus: the beaches, the wildlife, the must-see sights… A larger section for must-see sights (with added descriptions) I think would add a lot to the content, as the idea is to drive viewers to consider a vacation to Cyprus. Knowing what there is to see is a major draw!

Because of this, I feel that a bit too much real estate was given to the first section. We can see the border on the map, so it doesn’t need to be explained via text — and the map could be smaller and still useful. An alternate idea would be to include the airport information in the same section (since that, too, is just a basic map of the island). Both options would allow more room to better explain what Cyprus has to offer.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s clear and concise, but maybe a second look at the weight of sections and the overall content could help to better accomplish the goal of the infographic.

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