Infographic: North Africa Facebook Demographics


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Lebseo Design submitted this infographic to us.

The data here does a great job of conveying exactly what it’s supposed to. The information is extremely focused, which keeps the viewer on track and lets them get through the IG quickly–and that’s the point. (Of course, I spent a long time staring at the age distribution charts, but not because I didn’t understand them. I just thought they were really innovative and useful.) The cubic flags are also pretty visually interesting. It was really interesting to be able to follow the trends by country, and to see that 18-25 is the most Facebook-entrenched age range in both men and women in all countries.

If anything, the design is a touch drab. I think I was so fascinated by the age distribution charts because they were among the most unique data viz here, and because the font choice and extremely plain background weren’t particularly enticing. It gets a little overly blue from the age charts downward, too, which instills sort of a visual monotony. The data viz really is great, and there is absolutely no purposeless text on this infographic, but a little something to break it up might be nice. All the data viz stretches to the borders, so there’s no room to mix it up. A couple of text facts or smaller charts and graphs thrown in might actually provide the spice this infographic needs.

In summary, what’s here is great, if a little visually repetitive, but a little size and info variation could benefit the infographic overall. I’d give this infographic a B: it’s doing its job, so now it just needs a makeover.

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