Infographic: NFL and NBA Lockouts


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Ocean Media. Here is what they had to say about their submission:

With the NFL and NBA lockouts presenting fans with the very real possibility that there will be no professional Football or Basketball to watch until Fall 2012, there’s much more at stake than filling out our leisure time. The NFL and NBA are multi-billion dollar operations, and their absence will create a huge economic hole in the country. In all, a $12 billion industry would disappear without NFL games. There won’t be any fantasy leagues, gambling or valuable advertising revenue for TV networks. Each city with an NFL team could lose as much as $160 million in revenue from hotels and restaurants in the leagues absence. While the NBA is smaller, there is still billions of dollars at stake. Historically, lockouts cause a lot of harm to the league in the following years, so the impact could go on and on even after the games come back.

This infographic has a good aesthetic, but it is way too text-heavy. There are plenty of statistics that can be visualized here: icons can be used to present ratio statistics, pie graph can be used to display any percentage, and bar charts can be used to visualize just about any comparison. This infographic has a ton of data but does not visualize any of it! Also, the thing is all over the place – there is no flow to it as well. Changing the infographic so that sections are displayed one-by-one would make viewing it much easier for the reader.


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