Infographic: Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer


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This infographic on Breast Cancer comes to us from the folks at Asbestos

I really like the bottom section of the infographic – it displays a lot of information without being too cluttered, and there is a good amount of variety in the facts and data visualization. The ribbons also work really well as a background.

That said, I have to give this infographic a B-. The color scheme is a bit overwhelming. Pink is the color for breast cancer awareness, yes, but it may have worked better to use an off-white or cream for the background while leaving the illustrations pink so that it is not so overwhelming. Also, the “Myth vs. Fact” section has a whole lot of data, and none of it is visualized (though it easily could have been). Data visualization is the most important part of an infographic – it make the information easy to take in and appear more interesting. Data visualization is so important that if nothing were changed except for visualizing more of the data, I would give this infographic a B+.

There is also a typo: in the third “myth,” “to” is used when it should be “too.” This may seem nit-picky, but it serves as a good reminder for designers and webmasters to proofread their infographics before they go live!

Overall, I like the design of this infographic. The designer clearly has a strong understanding of how an infographic is supposed to flow and the value of simplicity in infographic design. The illustrations are simple and clean, and the infographic as a whole is very clean and un-cluttered, which seems to be an issue with many infographics as of late. Just a few tweaks and this infographic could be really good.

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